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Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • First, Beth is adorable. She has had contacts with other pets before; that's obvious because of the way she is with mine. I had her stay with my companions for 5 days and she was amazing? How do I know? Because my son told me and my pets love her! She is always on time and knows exactly what to do. She also sends me photos which I absolutely LOVE! I hired her through care.com and I made a great choice! Thanks Beth!
    Diane, Client
  • We are extremely pleased with Beth's service. We hired her on fairly short notice to stay at our house for a week and take care of our two German Shepherds. We were a little nervous due to having a stranger in our home and with our dogs, but it went perfect! We do know she did exactly what we wanted in-part due to our alarm systems's text notices and her communicating with us during our trip (including some cute pics with the pups!) We strongly recommend her! Thanks Beth, we'll see you again next month!
    Judy, Client
  • I come down to Tampa, FL every Fall and Winter and Beth is so kind to my dogs. Not only does she walk them, but feeds and gives them loving as well! If you are in the Tampa area and looking for a dog walker, hire Beth!
    Julie, Client

Josie Has Been Adobpted!/ Josie

Thank you all for the interests and refurals that helped get Josie the forever home she needed!